Other Services

Tracey is available to speak on a variety of topics related to digital productivity for your group or organization.  

She also presents a number of workshops suitable for any team or group. Below are  just a few of the workshops Tracey currently  offers.               


SMART Productivity 1-day Jump Start

Interested in getting all the benefits of the SMART Approach to Productivity in a single workshop for you and your team?  At your facility, Tracey will coach up to 10 participants through the five-step SMART Approach to Digital Productivity program in just one day! Contact Tracey for group pricing.


 Outlook Email

Ready to expand your outlook, and productivity using email?  Whether it's staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, Tracey can show you how be your most productive, organized, and connected self.  Half-day and full-day workshops available.


Office 365 Training

Has your organization recently migrated to Office 365?  Maybe you and your employees feeling a little lost.  If so, Tracey has developed both a  half-day and full-day workshop that is just what you need to bring everyone up to speed  and kicking some Office 365 tooshie! Contact Tracey for pricing  info.


Pay-as-you-go Coaching

Have a specific coaching need?.  Contact Tracey to discuss pay as you go services. Click the Contact Tracey button below to get more information.


Goggle Mail and Apps

Okay, so your company decided to go with Google Mail and Apps.  Do you and your employees need assistance getting the most of these amazingly useful and collaborative tools?  This half-day workshop will get everyone on the same page (or the same Google Doc)!