Custom 3-hour Digital Productivity Coaching Session

Custom 3-hour Digital Productivity Coaching Session


What issues do you have related to the technology that you use? Are you overwhelmed with your email?  Do you have a hard time finding files and folder you have saved? Do you have something that you complete manually that would save time and effort if it was done electronically?  Or maybe it has been a while since you have freshen up your computer skills?

Contact us for a consultation and we will work with you one-on-one, in person or online, to help you conquer the issue and get you back on the road to digital productivity!

We can provide valuable time saving tips and easy to implement strategies related to Windows 10, Outlook or Google e-mail, MS Office (Word, Excel or PowerPoint), Office 365, Google Drive/Apps, OneNote or internet browsing.  We can also assist with syncing all your digital devices so that your calendar, email, notes, and tasks are available anytime and anywhere you need them.  

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