Windows 10: Tips & Tricks to be More Productive
9:00 AM09:00

Windows 10: Tips & Tricks to be More Productive

Everyone uses Windows 10 nowadays, but not everyone uses it as efficiently as they could.

The problem? Most of us don't have time to research, test and learn every new feature and trick every introduced. So, these functions go unused and we keep doing what we know because it works for us. Sound like you?  

If so, January is the perfect time to get in gear and get the most out of your operating system!

During this interactive, lab- style session, Tracey will discuss and demonstrate Windows 10 multi-tasking and productivity features such as: 

  • Multiple Desktops

  • Snap Assist

  • Pinned Search Bar

  • Quick Access in File Explorer

  • Taskbar pinning 

Remember to bring your  laptop! This course will provide you with great tips and tools that you can start using right way to save time and be more productive.

Prerequisite: Attendees must have a working knowledge of Windows 10!

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Outlook: Quick Steps to Better Productivity
2:00 PM14:00

Outlook: Quick Steps to Better Productivity

Do you use Microsoft Outlook?  Did you know that Outlook has a feature that allows to you quickly apply multiple actions at the same time to email messages? This helps you quickly manage your inbox.

For example, if you frequently move messages to a specific folder, you can use a Quick Step to move the message in one click. Or, if you forward messages to your manager or peers, a one-click Quick Step can simplify the task.  Advanced Quick Steps can be created for multiple stepped actions such as replying to the email, creating a new task and a new meeting request with just one click. 

During this free one-hour Webinar session, Tracey show you step -by-step exactly how to:

                                         1. Customize existing Quick Steps

                                        2. Create  your own custom Quick Steps                              

                                        3. Use advanced custom Quick Steps for multiple-stepped actions

These Outlook Quick Steps can save you clicks, help your remember actions, and save you valuable time!

This is a free, live, instructor-led sessions!

Who Will Benefit

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, administrative specialists, marketers — anyone and everyone who uses Microsoft Outlook and is looking for a way to add hours back into their days!

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Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Devices
11:45 AM11:45

Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Devices

Despite all the technology we have access to, getting work done is difficult!  While most people use their tablet and/or smartphone to read and respond to emails and, maybe, view their calendars, they often ignore the other ways these digital tools can help keep them organized and increase their productivity.  

No matter what industry you work in, Tracey will show you how various Apps can help you: 

  • Create, update, and access digital notes about your clients, projects, or team.  
  • Keep up with your all your passwords so you can stop wasting time setting and re-setting them.
  • Access and collaborate on documents without the hassle of email.
  • Store and access files and photos on the go.

It doesn't seem like much ....but imagine how it would feel to pull up the exact document you needed in the middle of a meeting instead of having to go back to your office to find it. Or leaving a meeting with a potential client with the notes already typed up and emailed to them verses having to go back to the office, type, and send them. 

You already have the tools, now make them WORK for you!

Bring your lunch and let Tracey  help you jump start your digital productivity in 2018!

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